The International Fantastic Film Festival of Manises comes from the hand of Jorge de Guillae and Víctor Palacios, its co-founders, both born in Manises and professionals from the audiovisual sector. Since Jorge de Guillae proposed to Víctor Palacios create a Fantastic Film Festival in Manises, already with the name thought, until the two decided to set put the project and make it a reality several years passed. Until 2016 – a year before the first edition of the festival – both were involved in different projects that required their maximum attention.

At the end of 2016, they presented the project to the Manises City Council, and Maniatic began to materialize. Víctor Palacios and Jorge de Guillae decided that the first will be presented as the Film Festival Director because the second one resides in Madrid and he’s gong to moderate the colloquiums during the festival and create of the website and RRSS.

In 2017, with the City Council favor and the collaboration of M’anime, the festival is presented to their public with the projections and discussions that take place in the chapel of the House of Culture of Manises and its Gala in the Germanias Auditorium. The success of this first edition was obvious, with 453 short films received from 43 different countries, and with a great audience attendance to the screenings and the Gala, the festival acquires the support of the city council for its future growthing.

In 2018, Maniatic is ascribed, by the hand of Víctor Palacios and Jorge de Guillae, in the Cultural Association Ateneu Cultural Ciutat de Manises. And the Festival transfers all its activities to the Germanias Auditorium, thanks to the support of the City Council.