This year, the Festival will be held on 24th to 29st October 2022.

1. Participants
The festival is INTERNATIONAL. Participation in the festival is open to all the filmmakers over 18 of any nationality.
2. Characteristics of shorts
2.1. The festival is focused on the fantastic genre. Both feature films and short films must belong to this genre in any of its variations: horror, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, thriller, experimental… Whether fiction, documentary or animation. The theme is free. Publicity, promotional or touristic films or similar will not be accepted. The Organization will assess all proposals received equally.
2.2. Minimum duration for feature films: 60 minutes. Maximum duration for short films: 30 minutes.
2.3. To participate in the official section, the work must have been produced starting from 1st January 2020.
2.4. The films can be made in any language. Works registered for their preselection must be submitted in their original version with SUBTITLES in Spanish, Valencian, English or French if the original version’s language it’s not Spanish or Valencian.
3. Presentation.
Feature films registration deadline: 31st July 2022 Short films registration deadline: 31st July 2022
Filmmakers willing to submit their works may use any of the following platforms:
Each filmmaker or group may submit more than one work but only one work per author may be selected.
The Entry Fee will be 16 € for each Feature Film.
The Entry Fee will be 6 € for each Short film.
All movies received will become part of the festival’s archives.

4. Sections.
-Official section of feature films in competition.
Feature films of fiction, animation or documentaries of any nationality made after January 1st, 2020 that have not been commercially released in exhibition rooms, video, television, audio-visual events in the Valencian Community or VOD platforms (video on demand).
-Official Selection of Short films in competition.
For short films, the festival consists of the following sections:
Official section (competitive) and Parallel section (out of competition).
The Organization reserves the right to modify the categories in which the festival is divided.
5. Payment by selection.
The Organization shall pay to all the short films selected in the OFFICIAL SECTION the amount of €100. Payment will be arranged to film producer.

6. Jury.
The jury will be composed of 6 people, professionals of the film world and representatives of the Organization. The decision of the jury will be unappealable.
7. Awards.
Films will be awarded by a jury formed by professionals of the sector chosen by the Organization,
the audience at the projections and the Organization of the Festival. Awards for the Official section will be established in the following way: Awards for the Official Feature Film section:
• Award Best Feature Film (1000€ & trophy)
• Audience Award (Trophy)
Awards for the Official Short film section:
• Award Best Short film (1000€ & Trophy)
• Audience Award Best Short film (500€ &Trophy)
• Special Jury Prize. (Trophy)
• Best Young Director (Trophy)
• Best Production design (Trophy)
• Best Actor Award. (Trophy)
• Best Actress Award. (Trophy)
• Best Sound Prize. (300 € discount in services by TLM- The Last Monkey services & Trophy) • Award Best FX (Trophy)
• Award Blogos de Oro (Diploma)
• Best OST Prize (Musical composition for cinema Course at Yamaha School Music Valencia valued in 700 € & Trophy)
Awards will be made public at the awards ceremony.
Trophies will be awarded to the attendees (either their winner or a person authorized by them for this purpose) in that ceremony and in no case shall be sent by mail. These prizes will be subject to the established legal deductions. The jury reserves the right to deliver so many special mentions as it considers appropriate or may even declare deserts awards.
8. Festival attendance.
Following measures shall be taken regarding the attendance to the festival:
• Valencian movie or director: The director must present the movie before the projection at the festival and the colloquium after the screening. Organization shall take all the measures available to ensure the director or any representative person presence. If not, screening fee will be not pay and the film will be out of the Audience Award.
• Spanish movie or director: The director or team member must confirm attendance (at least to closing ceremony) if their film is awarded. Organization shall take all the measures available to ensure the director or any representative person presence. If not, we will understand that award is refused.
• Non-Spanish movie or director: The director must send, at least, a video for the closing ceremony.
Anyhow, organization shall take all the measures available to ensure the director or any representative person presence. If not, we will understand that award is refused.
This festival will cover the attendance expenses of one attendant per film. In case of two or more attendants per film, the organisation staff will facilitate the extra expenses to the attendants. These extra expenses should be covered by the extra attendants. The organisation must be informed within the specified period.
9. Sending Materials
Once the filmmaker has been notified of their nomination, the material should be sent within the stablished period of time and in the specific required formats.
Appreciation videos must be sent in the required formats for further edition.
Short films must be sent in h.264 or DCO, with subtitles either in Spanish or English.
10. Intellectual property.
Each participant in a project shall remain the owner of the intellectual property. It will be responsibility of each participant to ensure the work is not subject to any statutory liability and that there are no rights of third parties. The presentation of a film to Maniatic involves, for selected participants, the non-custodial transfer of material to the organizing bodies for use in different activities with the sponsors of the festival.
• Registration implies acceptance of these rules. Any issue that is not covered by this document shall be resolved by the Organization of the Festival.
• These rules are subject to possible modifications and/or annexes for reasons unrelated to the Organization.
For more information, please contact directly to