9 Pasos

[Marisa Crespo & Moises Romera, 2018]

Spain – 7′ – V.O.S.

Saul’s father is fed up with his son waking him every night to pee. Tonight He will teach him to be a man.


[Just Philippot, 2018]

France – 17′ 36” – V.O.S.

A disturbing cloud takes shape somewhere in the west. It slowly goes toward the center of the country, throwing the population on the roads. In view of the inexorable arrival of the cloud, it is the global panic. This cumulus is acid.


[Mael Le Mée, 2017]

France – 17′ 48” – V.O.S.

Aurore, a sixteen years teenage girl, discovers her body with her friends… With a supernatural finger.


[Daniel Hoffmann, 2018]

Germany – 22′ 34” – V.O.S.

A middle-aged programmer (Noel) stands in front of the ruins of his marriage. With the help of a new intelligent language assistant, Noel tries to redirect his professional and private life into the right path. The artificial intelligence not only assists him in coping with everyday life, but also arranges an appointment with the much younger Claudine.

El Círculo 

[Daniel González, 2018]

Spain – 16′ 23” – V.O.S.
Fantastic Comedy

David, who has just moved into his new apartment, receives the unexpected visit of some neighbors. What initially looks like a simple presentation of courtesy soon reveals itself as something darker.

El Escarabajo al final de la calle 

[Joan Vives Lozano, 2017]

Spain – 19′ – V.O.S.
Fantastic Comedy

Amadeo is a good person. He lives in a quiet town in Valencia, and since his wife died, he devotes himself body and soul to taking care of his disabled father-in-law, Mr. Agustín. Because of this, it goes quite unnoticed among people. One day, Lolín, the fishmonger’s daughter, has a premonition when she was beheading an eel: Amadeo is going to die in seven days. This will trigger a series of events that will change his life completely.

Event Horizon 

[Joséfa Celestin, 2017]

France/UK – 11′ 21” – V.O.S.

In a time when Pluto is still the 9th planet of the solar system, and music tracks need to be rewind, Julianne, who knows that childhood doesn’t last long but being an adult lasts forever, refuses to grow up too quickly and to let go of her estranged friend. When her fear of the unknown manifests itself in the shape of a mysterious cosmic object, she must overcome her old self and embrace what lies ahead.


[Tatiana Fedorovskaya, 2017]

Russia – 15′ 12” – V.O.S.

An old widower, former radio operator, perceives flashing bulb as his late wife’s messages from Heavens.

Goodnight, Gracie

[Stellan Kendrick, 2017]

USA – 3′ 54” – V.O.S.

After mom gets hacked to pieces by her latest lover, a devout child fights to escape the same fate.

La Guarida

[Iago De Soto, 2018]

Spain – 16′ 08” – V.O.S.
Rural Thriller

Mario drives at night, in the rain, on a lonely road. Suddenly, he stops. In the middle of the road there is a disoriented and bloodstained woman does not remember what happened or how he got there. Mario decides to get help and stop at the first place they find: La Guarida.

Lay Them Straight

[Robert DeLeskie, 2018]

Canada – 10′ 31” – V.O.S.

A teenage girl battling obsessive compulsive disorder has to run the gamut of school bullies every day, until a traumatic event convinces her that her disorder may be an indication of supernatural powers.

Le Blizzard

[Álvaro Rodríguez Areny, 2018]

France/Andorra – 12′ 46” – V.O.S.

Second World War. Marie wakes up hurt and disoriented in the middle of a snowstorm. In front, a mysterious forest separates her from her daughter.


[Rodrigo Sorogoyen, 2017]

Spain – 17′ 52” – V.O.S.

A single mother receives a call from his seven year old son who is on holiday with her ex-husband by the French Basque Country. At first the call is cause for joy, but soon turns into a horrible nightmare when a child says he does not find his father who has left a while ago.


[Lucía Forner, 2017]

Spain – 15′ 26” – V.O.S.
Black Comedy

Marta’s dream profession is to be a serial killer, and she wants Carlos to be her first victim.


[Lieven Vanhove, 2017]

Belgium – 15′ 49” – V.O.S.

The fragile world of a couple is torn apart. Once they lived together in a home with a lighthouse on the shore. Now a turbulent sea is tearing them them apart. Orville is stuck in the house on the cliff, Imme is trying to survive on a rock in the lighthouse in the middle of the roaring waves. He keeps trying to bring her back, but nothing works. Meanwhile, she sends him her sadness through birds. Suddenly the whole rock is starting to collapse and Imme’s life is in danger. Orville’s time is running out while he needs his ultimate solution as quick as possible.


[Maarten Groen, 2017]

Netherlands – 11′ 40” – V.O.S.

The Italian Salvatore Luciano spends his last days in a Dutch retirement home. He has a laborious relationship with the caretaker Stefan, who scoffs and tramples him. But Salvatore’s revenge is sweet. For one last time he revisits his Mafia past.


[Nicole Goode, 2018]

Czech Republic – 25′ 20” – V.O.S.
Horror Drama

Sylvie is a taxidermist content with being isolated from people in her large house in the mountains of France- her only company is her work. That is until Oz, an American hitchhiker stumbles upon her path. The two become close and Sylvie begins to question what it means to live.

The Box

[Dusan Kastelic, 2017]

Slovenia – 12′ 12” – V.O.S.
Fantastic Animation

You have probably heard of the phrase “To think outside of the box”? Well this is a film about such a box and the flat-headed creatures that live inside of it. Life in the Box is boring and miserable. Until one day when a new baby boy starts to grown in the middle of the Box! This baby is very different from other flat-headed inhabitants of the Box. He’s happy, lively and curious. As the baby grows bigger and bigger, the flat-headed neighbours are becoming more and more annoyed with him. Until one day when he literally grows over their heads.

The Last Drop

[Sascha Zimmermann, 2017]

Germany – 9′ 20” – V.O.S.
Terror Comedy

Once a week, a group of strangers meet to talk about their addiction. Their good efforts to stay on the ‘straight and narrow’ path are challenged when Dennis accidently joins their group. All of them have to ask themselves a question, do they have their addiction under control?

La noche de las sombras

[Aritz ET, 2018]

Spain – 14′ 34” – V.O.S.

To make a pact with a demon will drag a man to the darkest side of his being.