Extraños en la carretera

[Carlos Solano, 2016]

Spain – 19′ 40” – V.O.S.

While carrying a mysterious package, Mikel notices he is being followed by a black car. In an attempt to get away, he ends up at a roadside bar where he meets Sara, a girl who doesn’t trust easily.

La Proeza

[Isaac Berrocal, 2018]

Spain – 14′ 36” – V.O.S.

At the beginning of the 70’s in Spain, Leiza, a young city girl/woman is visiting a remote village looking for an old lady called Riina, who was recommended to help her deal with an illegal matter. Once there , she realized everithinh was wierd, that old lady seems to have a hidden scary/dark story and sooner than later she understands than she has dropped here so as not to be ever back.

Les 7 llums

[Alberto Evangelio, 2018]

Spain – 15′ – V.O.S.

Lidia, a successful influencer, receives the visit of her brother, who has just escaped from a medical center for mentall diseases: he needs your help to contact some “superior beings”, as the Valencian engraving “The 7 Lamps” describes.


[Pol Rodríguez, 2018]

Spain – 17′  – V.O.S.

The film explains the impossible love story between Juna, a city girl, and a very special child hiding on Tagamanent’s mountain.