Annie & Carola, mi mejor amiga

[Myriam Ballesteros, 2018]

Spain – 4′ – V.O.S.

Carola, a gifted but awkward teen, decides to build a robot friend. But an accident means she ends up with Annie, a sparky and affectionate android who makes sure Carola has the craziest and most fun-filled birthday of her life.

Cucs: El rescate

[Rubén Rozalén]

Spain – 5′ 24” – V.O.S.
Stop Motion

A worm is going to rescue another that has been captured to be the food of a fearsome monster.

Dry Fly

[Rut Juan Mompó, 2018]

Spain – 4′ 45” – V.O.S.

Margarito is a thirsty fly who is about to die on a really hot day. With a broken wing, unable to fly, he sees a drop of water on the mouth of a carnivorous plant. He then embarks in a series of risky moves to reach his goal without perishing in the process.

Just visiting

[Charlie Kothe, 2018]

USA – 2′  – V.O.S.

After a trip to the big city, a mysterious traveler and his faithful canine catch a ride home that’s out of this world.

Red & The Kingdom of Sound

[Phil Gomm, 2018]

UK – 18′ 13” – V.O.S.

Red & The Kingdom Of Sound is an animated adaptation of Benjamin Britten’s 1945 composition, The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra.
Red & The Kingdom Of Sound visualises the symphony orchestra as a fantastical realm comprising fifteen different architectural districts deriving from the different musical instruments of the orchestra. Red, the animation’s protagonist, personifies the new-comer to classical music as he makes his way through the distinctive musical terrains of Britten’s orchestral landscape.

Return of the Puppet-Maker

[Maria Wallin & Thomas Wiehe, 2018]

Sweden – 15′ – V.O.S.

The ageing puppet-maker has retired. His old puppets convince him to set up one final show.

The Old Men

[Jordan Inconstant, 2017]

France – 17′ 44” – V.O.S.

Captain Justice and his team of great heroes were once the protectors of Cosmopolis and adored by all citizens. After having put in jail their sworn enemy, the Scarman, they décide to put masks and capes in the wardrobe to retire. Now 70 years old Captain Justice is leading a normal life. But this old hero intends to resume service proving to all that his age is not an obstacle!


Zombie Time

[Alfonso Fulgencio, 2018]

Spain – 6′  – V.O.S.

Two zombies, one fate.