Filmmaker, writer, cartoonist and cultural manager. He has directed series, music clips, spots, short films and television. In 2014 he directed, produced and co-wrote Neuroworld. In 2019 he directed the galas of the San Sebastián Film Festival and participated in the series Caminantes (Mediapro, Orange). In 2020 he directs the series Encrucijada, for The Mediapro Studio. He also performs organizing and directing tasks at festivals. In the field of comics he has published several references. Member of Sayaka Producciones.


He has created multiples television training and made numerous documentaries. In 2018 he directed his first feature film titled Urubú.
This film has developed a successful career at both national (Nocturna, Sombra, Fantbilbao …) and international (Ariano, GrimmFest, Macabro, Rojo Sangre) genre festivals, receiving awards from the public and for best production at the  Calzada de Calatrava Film Festival, and for the best feature film in Fantarifa.


Denis Rovira Van Boekholt is considered one of the genre directors of the new generation of Spanish fantastic cinema. Writer and director of award-winning short films such as “The Faucet”, “Lazarus Taxón” and “Angel”, in 2019 it marks the premiere by Sony Pictures of his debut feature film “La Influencia” in Spanish cinemas. He is currently developing new feature film projects for the Spanish and international market.


Producer, Berlinale Talent, Ecam, Coofilm. She has worked in feature films, series, advertising, short films, video clips between Spain and Mexico in projects such as Pieles, Open Windows Elite, Las Consecuencias, La Unidad, Neverfilms, El Rey de todo el Mundo; with directors such as Arturo Ripstein, Peris Romano, Jaume Balagueró, Esteban Crespo, Rodrigo Cortes, Arantxa Echevarria, Sergio Barrejón, The Alenda’s Brothers, Alauda Ruiz, Dani De la Torre, Ramón Salazar, Carlos Saura, Eduardo Casanova. She is currently the Director of Cinema and Content at Macaronesia Films in the Canary Islands.


CEO of Wise Blue Studios, he has been at the forefront of successful productions such as ‘Animal Crackers’, ‘Blue & Malone’ or ‘Hero Dad’. He is currently developing several series and film projects for some of the main American majors.
In 2021, Nathalie won the Goya for Best Animated Short Film as a producer of ‘Blue & Malone, impossible cases’. In addition to her own production, she works from Valencia for clients and companies around the world providing high quality animation services for television programs, feature films, advertising and live shows.